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tv   WRA Ls 10PM News on Fox50  FOX  August 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news, an explosion in belgium at a sports complex. >> it happened in the past hour. it is 75 miles from brussels. after midnight and a number time. according to reports a large section of the building collapsed. it is believed there are people still trapped in the rubble. so far no cause has been released. we are monitoring the story and we will bring you updates. now, a death investigation we are following in fayetteville. two bodies found in a home. we first told you about that during our 6:00 news. wral's ken smith is live with
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new details about who was found, ken? >> linda, let me set the scene for you. we are in the home wood estates off of brag boulevard. the police are this in the process of clearing the scene. i talked to a neighbor who talked with the police and the police are telling neighbors tonight that they don't believe any foul play was involved in the death of two women found in a mobile home park. the police are te neighbors that the bodies were found in extended state of decomposition and also there are a number of pills around where they were found. again, that is what the police are telling neighbors tonight. let's take you back to what the scene looked like when our photographer and i arrived here earlier this evening. the crime scene tape inside a double wide mobile home in the home of the estates. the police came to the home to
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the two women who lived there for several days. in talking with neighbors, we are told a mother and daughter lived in the house. the daughter was disabled. at this point the investigators are not releasing the id of the women. they are, of course, prosing the scene to determine if foul play was suspected. again, we are just told from neighbors according to the police that foul play may not is -- suspected. no one checked on the women until today. >> when i was growing up people knew who their neighbors were. next door neighbor, the people across the street. you knew their children, what professions they have. nowadays people are so mistrusting we don't check on our neighbors, we don't know who they are. >> reporter: she said she only
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she actually did not know the women. i talked to several neighbors as well. they would recall seeing the mother and daughter going shopping, going back and forth from the grocery store. they have not seen them in several weeks. a neighbor tells me tonight they believe the women had been in that house for at least two weeks, lynda? >> thank you for the update. a guilty verdict in the year-old rape investigation. the jury convicted william yates on all charges. rape, sex offense and kidnapping of a female. he broke into a women's home window, attacked her and threatened her with a knife. he was sentenced between 56 and 70 years in prison. ryan lochte is charged with filing a false police report. he claimed they were robbed in rio. he backed off that claim and
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wants a letter sent to him explaining the legal process. he has been summoned to go back to rio. if convicted he could face 1-6- months in jail. although the judge could just issue a fine. the number of people killed in a 6.2 magnitude earthquake in italy tops 250. also tonight we learned about new aftershocks. one of them crumbled buildings that already are cracked. newly released satellite damage shows it inflicted on the hardest hit town. unbelievable. the pictures on the left taken on the right it was captured today. many buildings were reduced to rubble. tents are up for those that can not return to their home. meanwhile, rescue crews are finding dogs of survivors. they have not said when their work will shift from search to recovery. people are trying to make sure relatives are safe. mandy carbones father is from
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only minor damage. a driver involved in a head on collision in raleigh that injured 7 people are charged with dwi. 18-year-old bryce burns said he took xanax and drank 3 beers before driving. 7 people went to the hospital. all treated and released. traffic alert to tell you about. people traveling zone dot crews shutdown the gorman exit. they will rebuild the off-ramp. adam owens live, how long will it be closed? they are looking at three days here. typically they like to schedule the closures on the weekends and on the overnights. this project is different. we will take a live look at that work underneath this going on right now. officials want to power through
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next three days to go ahead and get it done. a full rebuild of the i-40 east ramp. workers will be on the job nonstop for the next 3 days. it starts tonight and go through the day. something the dot tries to avoid. 69s to help drivers detour -- signs to help drivers detour around it. many are explaining there is a lot of work to do and window to get it done. >> they are going to tear it off like they had the main part of 40, going to put a new drainage system in and rebuild it and it is going to take three days, hopefully no more than three days. we told the contractors no more than three days. monday morning back to normal. >> if you ever wondered how it is that they break up the pavement that has been down there for years you are looking at the machine right there. every time that machine hits the pavement we can feel it
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overpass not far away. you want to avoid this area around the ramp if you absolutely can. if you are coming through the zone. as always slow down and pay attention. and be aware that there may be other drivers around you who are making last minute lane changes as they find out for the first time that this ramp is closed. gerald? >> a busy stretch of highway tonight, adam, thank you. family and friends of a man shot to death by a state trooper in lanor miller was shot in match. investigators say the shooting happened when he went to a nightclub. during a rally miller's family called for the trooper to be criminally charged. they are calling on the fbi to release the report. the group is holding an event had saturday. the attorney general's office will have a report. a traffic stop in dunn.
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reaching 120 miles an hour when the driver crashed. the troopers did not release his name. saying he is from washington, d.c. charged him with reckless driving, speeding, speeding to allude arrest. a raleigh mother bonded out of jail charged with child abuse. [speaking in spanish] >> reporter: she describes the mother of four does not have a family in the area. her husband was deported after a domestic violence situation. she was arrested after the police went to her home and found other children alone. the investigators believe they had been alone for more than six hours. a north carolina animal shelter is over capacity because of a hoarding case. the animal shelter has 100 the cats that is the maximum that they can care for. they could receive another 75 found in a women's home. she was feeding them but not
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they needed. they are looking for foster homes to take the cats in. people gathered to rally for early voting. an event was held outside of the board of elections office on fountain head lane. they want them to adopt a county wide early voting plan for the up coming november election. they are asking the state for the support to make it happen. a federal judge will not open a special filing period so wake county commissioner can file for reelection. carolyn sullivan of filing for reelection she filed to run this fall in a new regional district. the federal judges found the district unconstitutional. the state and county denied the request to open a filing period. today, the judge rejected the request saying it was not timely. a local police chief is the latest person to receive the state's highest civilian award. >> the governor presented the chief with the order of the
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the police chief announced his retirement earlier this week. it puts a cap on a career. >> baseball is back. ahead in sports the team looking to bring the organization to lenore county. it this officer goes above and beyond the call of duty to free a skunk. >> he is a brave man. >> the heat is back. rdu. now, tomorrow, we will call it the double whammy.
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the police in mississippi are on the manhunt for a person a pastor that knew the women says they were stabbed to death. the women worked as nurses and were known to help the poor in rural parts of the state. a spokeswoman said there were signs of a break in and their car was stolen. the police are trying to exam surveillance footage from around the small city to see if they spot something unusual. right now they don't have leads. >> a soldier in fort campbell in kentucky is under arrest for
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theyput it on lockdown. he fired two shots and took off in a car. they chased the soldier, caught up with him, he tried to run. no one was hurt. unc chapel hill rolled out a new policy to help students struggle with drinking problems. it goes beyond discipline. focusing on treatment, prevention and education. the goal is to encourage students and faculty to seek help without consequence. michigan police say a copilot was able to take to the skiewith a blood alcohol level above the limit to drive a car. he was arrested on a plane in traverse city. the pilot suspected that the man was drunk, called the police and the investigators say the man had slurred speech and bloodshot eyes and smelled like alcohol. he also failed a test. the two pie lots were the only on board at plane at the time. it was chartered to carry a dozen people.
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for more bat boxes to stop the spread. it can eat up to 1,000 an hour. some are concerned about the threat of rabies that the bats could carry. experts say the reward is worth the risk. florida has more than 40zika cases to be locally transmitted. an officer helped a skunk rid itself from his paper cup captivity. the skunk was spotted on the campus of the university of arkansas with a cup on his head. the officer got close enough to the campus officer -- there you go. [ laughter ] now that first officer got away. a second officer was not lucky. >> oh, no. a direct spray. the smell was so bad he had to get a new uniform. >> i bet. i never been sprayed but they say tomato juice or something? >> yeah. oh you ha to be -- how do you
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it ays. >> yes. you will taste it for a week. >> oh. [ laughter ] have you ever been sprayed bike a skunk let me know. had a skunk as a pet but it was not able to spray. >> i grew up on a farm. what his name? >> precious. [ laughter ] >> interesting. >> was she? >> yes. sweet, yes. >> okay. >> i guess that skunk was not happy and sprayed the officer. >> pretty scared at that pnt so, hot tomorrow? >> yes. hot but humidity not bad. heat, haoupl idcominging st- rgt. that should be the case for saturday. let's take a look at what is ahead. that is the lead headline. the double wfor tomorrow. the high, 96, humidity, heat index value could reach 100 degrees. a cold front on the way. before you get excite today is not going to produce much rain at all. maybe isolated thunderstorms.
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trop cal wave moving through and heading to cuba. now, -- tropical wave moving through and heading to cubaa. now, the plane went into it, into the center. now it is a weakening storm. less organized. you can tell that. you don't need me to tell you that it is that great. so, today mountain peaks to be west, 15-20. heading over cuba during the next couple of days. that means there is not much development with this over the next few days and some of the computer model tracks now had it moving basically more of a consensus over the next couple of days in cuba and the gulf of mexico. that makes me think a ridge of high pressure will be strong enough to keep it moving off towards the west. now, it does not -- it sheers apart over cuba.
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not a great concern right w. forming and a great hurricane. we will watch it and let you know more about it. the garden cameras others quiet. 81, south wind at 5. the dew point, up to 70 degrees. it will be in that territory again tomorrow. close to home, 70s, 80s. now, 79. 82 right now fayetteville after your 94. 74 in southville, virginia. there were a few isolated storms. at dying down. tomorrow, with the approach of the next cold front, moving through the ohio valley right now. and it is -- it is getting closer to us. right about there tomorrow evening. helping us develop a few showers and thunderstorms on an isolated basis tomorrow and also on saturday. again, just an isolated basis. we will not see much in the way of rain. upper 60s to lower 70s tonight. mostly clear sky. the fitness forecast in the
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feel the difference. humid. different. lunchtime, 90. partly cloudy skies. light winds, not much of a breeze to cool us off. raleigh, rocky mount south and west. could be a few isolated storms. small, 96 in raleigh. 96 in fayetteville. now, yes, hot tomorrow afternoon and yes it will be very warm for football friday. if you are sitting on the bleachers you might want a cool drink in hand. 90 by 7:00, partly cloudy skies, by the end of the games we are talking 82 with clear before i leave you, let's take a look at the rain probabilities on saturday. the probability, 50% by 8:00 on saturday evening. our 90 degree streak began today and continues for the next 7 days. end of september. >> next thursday. >> the lows, in the 90s down.
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chance of rain and where tomorrow. >> somewhere? >> it will rain wherever i am. >> in the area. >> pretty much, guarantees. >> want to write that one down? how does loud noise effect underwater life? we will look at the only crew trying to answer that question and they are off of the coast. well, you go through atlantic beach in the small town, minor league baseball back. the story of tim beckman comes back. the story of tim beckman comes after he was hire ?? from the mountains... the piedmont... to the sandhills... north carolina is possessed of spectacular natural beauty. [ sea gulls crying ] [ man vocalizing ] run! ??
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? i said i'd taken it all in ? ? to make the good life ? ? and i don't feel like i'm falling ? ? i'm up against the sky ? it's ours to preserve... because we're only borrowing it from our children.
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former illinois coach is leaving his position as a volunteer with the north carolina team. he was fired at illinois after players claimed he them. he had been working at carolinea's camp since it started. yesterday was the first time the coach even commented on it. well, that was news to the chancellor. earlier today he said he did not want to be a distraction to the team. the coach met with him today and it was decided his presence was too much of a distraction. the strongest statement came from the chancellor who did not sound pleased at all. when i learned yesterday he invited former illinois head
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volunteer as are for the football program. the decision to leave the position of the right thing to do. he does not expect this situation to reoccur. today, a familiar smell filled the air as baseball returns to the city. it was a game-day atmosphere. [singing] >> the game. a game that has been known with the city almost as long as said song has been sung. -- ? 1, 2, 3 ... >> reporter: with no team to
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is back lees lives mean everying. >> you need baseball. this town was built around baseball. and to have it come back it is a great shot in the arm. it was so tough. taking more than 1.6 million ponied up for improvements for this ballpark. diamond life for the community craving something to chief for. >> thousands of people come out just for the announcement. >> america's pastime returning to the stadium. fortifying the reputation as the home of minor league baseball. with today's edition there are
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state without a professional franchise. wral sports, back to you. >> those team played tonight. the bulls lose in charlotte 12- 7 and myrtle beach wins. >> it will be nices to have it back. >> they will -- nices to have -- nice to have >> they will be happy. >> and welcome back from rio. >> thank you. michael phelps and the final 5 will hand out hardware. we will tell you about the security update you need if you have an iphone.
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not as much of a day of campaigning but trading insults. they are going after each other. the report on the war of words. >> reporter: donald trump doubling down on his latest attack against hillary clinton.
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descent americans, you, as racists. she bullies voters who only want it better and trying to intimidate them out of voting for a change. i am for change. >> reporter: clinton using trump's previous at the same times against him. >> from the start donald trump has prejudice and paranoia. helping a fringe take over the republican party. >> clinton questioning trump's recent focus on his panic and african-american voters. >> it really does take a lot of nerve to ask people he has ignored and misunderstood for decades what do you have to lose? the answer is, everything.
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policies including those of former president bill clinton heard more than rhetoric. >> she is bad for african- americans, i think she has been extremely bad for it. you lock at her policy -- look at her policies and the policies of barack obama other ands. look at the poverty. >> reporter: back to you. a new poll out today shows clinton ahead of trump 45%-38%. 10% of would back libertarian candidate, johnson. the hospital says they will not bill survivors of the massacre for their treatment. they hope to recoop the cost for victims plans and a fund set up for the city. most of them were taken to orlando after a man opened fire in june. 49 people were killed. ntsb says they have 26
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it sank when it ran into a hurricane. the crew discussed a loss of pullpution and flooding at 6:00. by 7:30 the captain ordered the crew to jump ship. all people are believed dead. a woman died after falling from a zip line in delaware. the police say the the go ape treetop a traction when she fell. the woman fell about 40 feet. no one else was hurt. last year a 12-year-old girl died after a zip line accident at champ cheer kwroe. state lawmakers consider tighter regulations for public courses. the cdc says action is necessary to combat heroin addictions in 3 states. in a small town there were 28 overdoses reported in one night last week.
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overdosed in indiana. yesterday, 36 people overdosed. the investigators say the overdoses may be from drugs laced with other substances. we have been telling you about the skyrocketing cost of the epi pen made by mylan. it is used to treat people from allergies. a tube used to cost $1in 2009 it is now $600. today the company $100 in 2009 it is now $600 today. the company announced a $300 coup aopb. >> we want everyone who needs a pen have one. as a mother i am will going to tell you it breaks my heart. there is mow one out there that should not have it. i know the tragedy that strikes. we worked on groups. i have been on the phone daily ensuring we are doing everything not to let anyone fall through the cracks. sara jessica parker cut
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allergies. she was part of promoting the product. brazil's first president can soon be out of the job. they started impeachment for the job. accused of illegally docketterring the budget. she was suspended for six months. she denies against her. iran says naval forces will warn any ships in the area. boats seemed to harass u.s. naval vessels. one case a detroiter fired shots. a spokes man said the ships were operating in international waters. apple is issuing a global update for the iphone. follows the discovery of a spy wear targeting an activist phone in the middle east.
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system to take control of the phone. in a statement apple said it fixed the vulnerability as soon as they learn about it. volkswagen has a deal with 650 of the dealers. the settlement involves cash payments for losses they suffer friday vws emission scandal. the settlement effects car owners of the car company will spend $10 million to buy back most of the 560,000 vehicles effected. some some may get ca it is a stunning loss for uber. the company posted $750 million in losses for the second quarter. they lost 520 million in the first quarter. expepbss for the drivers are responsible for the losses. despite those losses some experts say not to worry about uber. the 7-year-old company still maintaining huge growth. when you are 105 you know exactly how you want to
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>> still ahead, british woman's request that ended with a group of firefighters rushing to the window of her nursing home.
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? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event,
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suddenly comedian's personal web site was shutdown after personal information appeared. this is her twitter page. we have a shot of that. any way, she quit twitter for a short time last month after a similar attack. she called on them to do more to stop harassment. dwayne johnson is the highest paid actor. $64 million this year on like "central attraction" and "fast 8" he stars in "ballers" jackie chan with $61 million. michael phelps and the final 5 will be on the giving end of the awards. among the presenters at mtv. brittany spears and more are scheduled to perform. time now for what is trending, hello, lynda.
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these pet pigs, quite the opposite. i hear they are clean. how about these fellas. >> oh, now she will want one. >> my wife wants one, two, actually. >> they are adorable. look at them. and i heard you can train them to potty train them and that kind of thing. >> these are diner pigs. >> yes. like tea cup or micropig. it is amazing how available they are. >> really smart, too, i hear? kitchen and had it sit and give it a treat. >> how big? that looks like it is the size of a hoogie. [ laughter ] >> with bacon on it and. >> i don't think they get bigger than that. i think they are -- on. >> [ laughter ] >> did you sport? [ laughter ] >> i did -- speaking of pigs. [ laughter ] >> he did. [ laughter ]
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>> someone is recording on that. they are going to rewind and look at it again. with we will see that over and over. >> that will be on the reel. we will take a look at this teddy bear or a dog? >> it is a dog. it is a chow chow from china. look at those ears and the face. it is adorable. oh my gosh. the sweetest little thing ever. i have both of these links on my facebook page. we will soon have the link mike snorting on there probably as well. [ laughter ] you see something that you think should be in "what's trending" send me a message. >> that will be on "what's trending" tomorrow. new research in north carolina. still to come, divers are investigating what it means for noise under the scene. high pressure is trending along the southeast. that is why when you look at the radar view you don't see the thunderstorms near us.
10:42 pm
around the ridge. there is a storm in the ohio valley that will try to make its way in. we will try to see if thunderstorms form in the next
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defensivers get to see what is under the surface. did you stop and think about the sounds -- divers get to see what is under the surface.
10:45 pm
>> divers are using cameras and microphones to answer a question about aquatic acoustics. >> reporter: heading off early in the morning. it is nices to nice to have a short commute. >> now we wait. >> reporter: they are monitoring fish behave areior. the researcher is leading this -- behavior. the researcher is leading this on how man effecting the reef. >> so many unknown questions how they are using the reefs and how the humans we make in the water can change how fish use their homes. >> reporter: the unc institute for marine science along with talk marine labs and nooa want to find out more.
10:46 pm
sends blasts and measures the echo return. >> we know from laboratory experiments when they are exposed to loud sounds it can cause damage but don't know in their nature environment. >> reporter: not just this. boats can, construction and structures left behind all have an ima im-- impact. >> reporter: it you turbine you can change the sounds on the reefs and can change how the fish use their homes. >> reporter: it is a project she is serious about. >> saving the world one fish at a time. >> but please do not put that in. >> reporter: she can be a little bit silly. >> oh that is going in. [ laughter ] >> that was debra morgan. >> i love it. that year-long study should
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>> yes. great out there. sun shining. >> yes. >> that is nice, though. >> yes. nice out there. well, i will take you to greece in the story before weather desk top. let's go to greece. it opened the doors to the public for the first time in 2years. what a wild story. the tower of winds in athens, said to be the first ever weather dates back more than 2,000 years. shutdown in 1828. historians say the facility was used to tell when time was kept by sun dial. it is cool. stopping by there to see the tower of the winds in athens. >> that is pretty cool. >> it is pretty cool. >> let's take a look at weather desk top. it is all about the tropical
10:48 pm
storm status. we will look at it. since the proximity to the land. now, a 30% chance over the next wo? days that -- 2 days. once it moves off of cuba, there is muff warm water that it may develop. the -- is enough warm water that it may develop. there may not be development of this at all in the coming days. we will watch it and let you know more about it. there is gaston. winds moving at 17. we will look at the path and intensity. 105 on saturday, 110 on sunday. heading to the north in the atlantic. we have no rain.
10:49 pm
through. storms that i showed you. basically the ridge sits right here and the air is drier aloft. it really prevents thunderstorms from performing on a widespread baseis. the front, sagging to the south. we could see an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. the chances 20%. i don't think we will see anything. due to the front closer to us better on saturday? high in middle 90s. humid. there is 5:00 in the afternoon. potential on saturday and on sunday we don't have any lightning bolts or raindrop in the 7 day or showers or storms forming they will be likely down east towards the coast. take a look at the rainfall. over the next 5 days and could see quite a bit across south florida with the passage of the system. the tropical system. we are talking 3-4 everyones
10:50 pm
inch and half an inch. this is over the next 5 days. well , it is a promise we will see rain. 96 on saturday, again, lightning bolts in there just because we have that potential for rain. sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, 90 degrees. so, things will be hot over the next several days and tomorrow is the whammy with the heat and humidity coming back and >> that is okay. it is friday. >> okay. >> thank you. many children can not wait for their birthday to open presents. >> one boy was excited about his birthday because he was able to spend his own money on
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she's one of the wealthiest women in politics. combined income: thirty million dollars. tours the world on private jets. protected by armed guards for thirty years. but she doesn't believe in your right
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versary. it is easy to get it on your phone now with the app. >> reporter: we updated our
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the app is free and seufpl toll download. let's start with amazon. from the home screen, go to search and then type wral. download the app and you will see it on your home screen. on your rocu you will have the same thing. apple it is different. go to the app store first and go to search and enter wral and download it. or recent. we have updated weather forecasts and news videos from your neighborhood and all over. you will find sports coverage and archives of local programming that you will see only on wral. download the app for your box and never miss a thing. back to you. >> we are markinthe 20th anniversary of hurricane fran on our updated wral app. we will take you back to 1996 with video of our original
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storm. and see how we all worked together to clean up the damage. just go to series and shows and select fran on your app. you can watch the videos on by entering fran in the search box. it was a first day of school like none other for a texas family. a sea of amarillo police officers escorting the son of a fallen officer to begin pre-k. the little boy's father passed compcasions of a crash. the boy's mother says the support from the department, you see them all there on the first day of school, it has been everything. they are all there for him. a 5-year-old boy used months of his allowance money to buy lunch for his local police department. his reason was very simple. >> i like them because they keep us safe. >> good job. >> that is william prosecute jersey. he is sweet. his mom says he saved up 7 months of his allowance.
10:56 pm
he was save tag -- saving that money to have a please cruiser. if return they gave him a ride in a real police cruiser with lights and sirens included. >> look at that. >> good job. if you are 105 years old chances are you know how you want to celebrate your birthday. for a british woman it involved a little heat. and not from the candles. >> she wanted a group of the through the window and join her for a party. staffers were surprised by her request but they made it happen. next year she has made it clear she wants an appearance from prince henry, i am sorry, prince harry. look at that. 105. hunkiest firefighters. >> ask and you shall receive once a girl always a girl.
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you introduced lou ann and tom? >> i did. >> oh, the fallout from that dramatic housewives season finale. move over lou ann and tom, it's bethany >> oh, my god, she's going to win an academy awards. >> christy and ashley, a modeling match made in heaven. but maybe christy missed her true calling. >> we talked about having babies, he wanted a little boy. >> why linda thompson could not marry hernandez.


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